Medina Torres, S.A. de C.V. is a family owned business established in the city of Leon GTO; Mexico.

Specialized in tanning of hides for over 75 years. Initially in veg. tan sole leather only, then in the 80’s expanded to processing strap leather as well and offered value added services and components to clients such as manufactured unit bottoms, cut soles, heels amongst others. Later on full hides in wet blue, crust and finished leather for furniture and automotive upholstery as well as other products such as bleached raw hide, dog bones and collagen.

We currently employ around 300 people and have diversified our product lines to satisfy our client’s needs, new market trends and adapted to the environmental requirements.

Business objetives

  • Diversify products and services in all our tanning processes. (Vegetable, mixed, chrome and chrome free).

  • To offer our clients value added services of manufactured goods to enhance their competitiveness in their markets.

  • Satisfy our clients’ needs.

  • Consolidate and strengthen our brand "Compa" of bones for canines.

  • Consolidate our collagen in the cosmetic and beauty industry.



MISSION: To satisfy our customers’ needs based on quality products, value added service and competitive prices.



VISION: To work hand on hand with our customers and develop new products and/or services through continuous improvement of processes and innovation.


The company has a land of 40,000 m2 with 12 industrial buildings planned for the highest technology. We also have mechanic, wood and steel workshops. We have our own water treatment plant and our lab where we test all incoming and outgoing products and make sure they comply with our quality standards. Also, we have our own warehouse in Eagle Pass, Texas to expedite our imports and exports within the United States and Canada.

Into the structure of the company, we have the following departments:

  • General director.

  • Export Sales.

  • Automotive Division Sales

  • National Sales

  • Shipping department.

  • Production: Liming/ Chrome, Chrome free, vegetable, mix tans, finishing and split bleaching.

  • Quality.

  • Maintenance

  • Comptroller/ accounting/ payables/ credit

  • Manufacturing: value added services for Footwear and leather good components, upholstery, automotiveand dog bones.


(Core Business)

To continuously improve our processes in an effective and efficient way, in addition with renewing the machinery at the tannery in order to satisfy the needs of the market preventing pollution, all this complying with the legal environmental requirements.


We are responsible for continuously improving the effectiveness and efficiency of our processes, to meet the needs of our customers, prevent pollution, comply with legal, environmental requirements and other requirements that the organization subscribes.

We already have the certificate 
ISO 9001:2015

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